Change Your Health, Change Your Life with Manassas Personal Trainer Charles Thomas

Manassas Personal Trainer Charles Thomas is on a mission to improve people’s health and, as he puts it, “change lives.” A firm believer in the transformational benefits of exercise, Charles wants people to know that exercise can improve the body and spirit, creating overall wellness.

The most obvious change that results from regular exercise is in the body. Exercise can improve cardiovascular health and muscle tone while reducing the likelihood of diseases such as Type II Diabetes. Other important benefits of exercise that are often overlooked are increased energy levels and enhanced mood.

Take, for instance, a client who gets short of breath and experiences pain from walking up stairs. Charles’ cardiovascular and strength-building fitness program, which emphasizes functional exercises, can help build the client’s stamina and muscle so getting up those stairs becomes less of a challenge. This, in turn, encourages the client who begins to feel increased vitality and self-esteem. The experience creates an upward, positive path as the client takes on bigger and bigger challenges.

Some clients come to Charles because they are athletes looking to improve performance. These clients benefit from Charles’ experience in coaching as well as physical training. Clients report they improve their abilities and achieve more than they could before. Client Maria Sherwell says, “After six months training with Charles I trained for a second marathon and improved my time by 15 minutes. The next fall, after a year with Charles, I ran the Marine Corps Marathon in 3:27, faster than I ever imagined, and qualified for the Boston Marathon!”

Charles also works with children in his roles of coach and personal trainer. Educating children on the benefits of physical fitness and instilling a desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle in them at a young age can have a tremendous impact on their long-term health and quality of life. The impact Charles has on his young clients is clearly demonstrated in their improved performance and commitment to a healthy lifestyle and ongoing physical activity. One example is Ellie Wilcox, who was shy and knew little about exercise when she started working with Charles. Her mother, Heather Wilcox, says, “Our 12 year old daughter worked individually with Charles for two years.  He was a great match for her needs and her personality.  They developed a relationship of trust and camaraderie that helped build her confidence and athleticism.  She enjoyed working with him and it made a true, measurable difference in increasing a healthy lifestyle.” Ellie remains involved in activities that contribute to her ongoing physical fitness, such as Girls on the Run, a non-profit physical activity- based youth development program for girls in 3rd-8th grade.

The Mayo Clinic says, “The benefits of exercise are yours for the taking, regardless of your age, sex or physical ability.” Find out why this is true. Contact Charles Thomas today.

Charles Thomas is a licensed, insured Personal Trainer certified by the International Sports and Science Association (ISSA).  With over two decades of personal training experience, Charles has helped to improve physical fitness and enhance the quality of life for his clients who range from young children to seniors.

Let me make you unstoppable.

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