Simple Exercises for a Full Body Workout

Manassas Personal Trainer Charles Thomas says, “Exercise is simple. Why complicate it?” And if his examples are any indication, he is correct. Thomas recently described two simple exercises that contribute to a full body workout, no equipment needed.

The first exercise Thomas calls “the walkout.” The walkout begins with a Yoga stance called the “downward dog.” The downward dog elongates the back as it releases tension. The movement, by itself, stretches the hamstrings, calves, arches and hands as it strengthens arms, shoulders and back.

To start, put hands and knees on the floor, hands under the shoulders, fingers spread wide, knees under the hips, typically about seven inches apart, with the spine straightened and relaxed. Then, push the hips towards the ceiling. The body should then be in an inverted “v” shape. The heels stay on the floor and the legs stay straight. The hands should be open, fingers spread. Arms are also straight.

From there, have the hands support the body and move forward, “walking” away from the legs until a full pushup position is reached. Once that position is accomplished, walk the hands back to the original “v” position and slowly stand up. The weight of the body is what makes this exercise so, effective not only for increasing strength, but for practicing balance.

Another exercise Charles recommends is the total body extension, a non-impact replacement for jumping. For this, start in the standing position, as if planning to do a bodyweight squat. Then, dip down quickly into a quarter squat, and swing the arms behind, keeping them at the sides. “Explode” up, extending the whole body onto the toes while raising the arms overhead. Then control the descent back, and in one movement, return to the dip before exploding back up again.

Charles has many other simple exercises that he uses during his training, which he provides onsite for his clients. “When I first started working out with Charles, I could barely do a push up, and now I do them daily,” says Nichole Gatto Wild.

Howard Nusbaum says, “Charles designed an exercise regime I can accomplish in a modest workout room or even a hotel room.”

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