Pump Yourself Up – But Not in the Way You Think

When you think of working out, do you assume it’s all about the muscles, the cardio, the pain? If so, you’ve got a problem. But it’s not a problem you can’t fix. You can turn your mind around so exercise isn’t such a chore. Here’s how.

Don’t go in with the idea of “no pain, no gain.” While your workouts should be beneficial and should push you to do better than you think you can, if you believe you are going to cause yourself injury and pain, you will avoid exercise. This is true for most people, because most of us don’t enjoy pain!

Don’t fret if you are already in pain. If you’ve ever gone to physical therapy, then you know one of the first things your therapist will do is show you how to exercise. That’s proof in itself that exercise can work wonders when it comes to pain. If you don’t have a serious injury but you do have daily aches and pains, exercise can actually help. By strengthening your muscles, you can put that pain in its place and get better mobility at the same time.

Go in with the idea that you are taking care of yourself. This is important. Most of us don’t take time to take care of ourselves, which is a leading cause of mental and physical health problems.   Taking time to exercise is taking time for yourself. It’s necessary time, too. We juggle jobs, families, personal lives and more. Exercise can help clear the mind, clean the toxins out of the body and, of course, strengthen the heart as well as other muscles.

Go in with the idea that you deserve to feel good. This concept is related to the one above, but it’s different in that people often don’t believe they are worthy of feeling and looking the best they can. We live in a culture that sends conflicting messages: feel good about yourself, but not too good, because then you are egotistical and self-centered. Find a balance between those two beliefs and go for it! You do indeed deserve to be healthy and feel strong and confident.

The idea of pumping yourself up doesn’t necessarily have to do with getting “buff.” We need to pump our brains up, too, so we can foster a healthy attitude towards exercise. For more information, talk to Manassas trainer Charles Thomas. Charles is an expert in helping you keep your body, mind and soul healthy. Contact Charles at (571)335-6878 or charles@whereharmonybegins.com.

Charles Thomas is a licensed, insured Personal Trainer certified by the International Sports and Science Association (ISSA).  With over two decades of personal training experience, Charles has helped to improve physical fitness and enhance the quality of life for his clients who range from young children to seniors.

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