Get Your Brain on Board for the Journey to a Healthy Body

YouCanDoIt1Self-talk — everybody does it, and it greatly impacts your whole world. When you’re getting ready to work out, do you say, “Self, you are pretty awesome. You’re going to get out there and get fit, have more energy, live a longer, happier life”? Or does your inner monologue sound more like an old-school drill sergeant? “Alright, maggot! Why are you such a fat sad-sack? You eat too much, you’re too slow, you’re not strong enough!” Even if you’re somewhere between on the spectrum of self-talk, how you speak to yourself is going to determine your ultimate success.

Getting healthy is a lifelong journey. It’s not a grapefruit diet or a lose-20-pounds-in-5-minutes workout plan. To make it through this journey successfully, you have to practice being kind to yourself. Be disciplined, but be gentle. Being mentally prepared for healthy change is imperative to your success. In order to make healthy lifestyle changes, you need to be all in mentally. Here are some ways you can prepare your mind for what lies ahead:

  • Prepare yourself to not give up. Giving up because of small missteps is far worse than making mistakes along your journey. We all make mistakes, but people who succeed are those who learn from their mistakes and bounce back.
  • Prepare to schedule your time working out and prioritize it. We all get 24 hours in a day, but what you do with it is totally up to you. Make your health a priority, because you only get one body.
  • If you don’t drop those 10 pounds in the first few months, don’t beat yourself up. A healthy lifestyle is a marathon, not a sprint.
  • Be ready for your appearance to change and for people to comment on it.
  • Prepare yourself for the feeling of being sore. You don’t want to injure yourself, but know that there will be some discomfort, especially in the beginning. You’ll know you’re well on your way to a lifetime of fitness when you start to enjoy a little muscle soreness after a good workout.
  • Get ready to to turn down that extra donut during the staff meeting. Life is all about balance and don’t totally deprive yourself. Knowing that you can have a little indulgence here and there and sticking to it is going to be your key to finding that balance.

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